My office, remade

My home office has gone through a few upgrades the last few months. It have had a few problems:

1. A lot of cables hanging from the office table.

2. Very little available desk space.

3. A lot of distracting objects, which are not used so often.

3. The office drawers were full of “stuff”.

4. It have not been child-proof. Mainly because of the cables, but also a lot of boxes standing on the floor. Those are fun to empty…

5. Not so much free floor space.

I have been at home taking care of our youngest daughter 4 days per week (6 months in total, now only 4 weeks left). I have had the time to organize our home for the days when both me and my wife will be working 100%. I have been able to do this when she is sleeping before dinner.

Before: It has been almost impossible to let her play in the office, so either I had to have her in my lap if I needed to check anything on the computer or she had to be outside the room. Neither of the solutions was satisfying.

I have quite a lot of desk space in my home office. I use our old kitchen table 1850*1050 mm, but the area for working had been smaller and smaller when adding new gadgets as the label printer, extra screen and the Fujisu ScanSnap S1500.

I am quite satisfied with my “paper archive” which is behind me at “swivel distance”, recommended in Getting Things Done by David Allen.

I can recommend the blog post:

The blog is great in other respects as well, but the post above gave me the inspiration to start.

1. I ordered a monition arm The price was 295 sek (about 38 Euro), which is actually very cheap if you compare what you get for the money.

2. I moved my the printer, label-printer and the in/out-boxes away from my desk (no pictures from before but I can assure you I could not fit much more than an A4 next to my mouse. I used two reading tables which I had for a few years which I bought for putting the laptop next to me when sitting in the sofa, but since the Ipad entered the home they had not been used-at least not for the laptops (one for my wife as well).

3. Cables before-After

When I received the monitor arm I got started with the cables. I disconnected all the cables and started over. First by mounting the monitor on the arm and worked my way from there.

I collected the cables in “Rabalder” cable collector from IKEA:

I already had this at home, but It was bought and not used for a long time. When cleaning up the storage in the basement i found it, and now it got to use . Quite ironic that organizing material was filling up the storage, instead of being used 🙂

I nailed the loose cables along the wall. Maybe not so nice looking, but I already had the cable clips and I rather do it fast than get stuck. That’s how I work.

4. As a bonus I moved my gym ball from the floor and got use of an old basket ball ring – also found in the basement cleaning!

  1. I can’t get the cables before/after picture to open up. Says access denied. The exercise ball and basket ball hoop showed up fine though!

  2. Thank you for commenting: Now I did what I should have done from the start, I inserted the pictures. I did not know how to and figured the easiest way is the best ;). Now I learned how to use a gallery!

    Of course: I have more things to do:
    1. Hiding the power branch cables
    2. Hiding the the big pile of cables next to the printer.
    3. Finding a solution for the charger to the mouse and the work phone. It needs to be used both moved out of sight and as an ordinary mouse cable when the battery is almost dead.
    4. I’m thinking about building a shelf on the back of the table, to hide the branch cables and lift up the docking station for my laptop.
    5. Hanging up the free weights lying on the floor. I actually use them from time to time and organizing them might be a way of making them MORE visible and more easily accessible 🙂

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