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My office, remade

My home office has gone through a few upgrades the last few months. It have had a few problems:

1. A lot of cables hanging from the office table.

2. Very little available desk space.

3. A lot of distracting objects, which are not used so often.

3. The office drawers were full of “stuff”.

4. It have not been child-proof. Mainly because of the cables, but also a lot of boxes standing on the floor. Those are fun to empty…

5. Not so much free floor space.

I have been at home taking care of our youngest daughter 4 days per week (6 months in total, now only 4 weeks left). I have had the time to organize our home for the days when both me and my wife will be working 100%. I have been able to do this when she is sleeping before dinner.

Before: It has been almost impossible to let her play in the office, so either I had to have her in my lap if I needed to check anything on the computer or she had to be outside the room. Neither of the solutions was satisfying.

I have quite a lot of desk space in my home office. I use our old kitchen table 1850*1050 mm, but the area for working had been smaller and smaller when adding new gadgets as the label printer, extra screen and the Fujisu ScanSnap S1500.

I am quite satisfied with my “paper archive” which is behind me at “swivel distance”, recommended in Getting Things Done by David Allen.

I can recommend the blog post:

The blog is great in other respects as well, but the post above gave me the inspiration to start.

1. I ordered a monition arm The price was 295 sek (about 38 Euro), which is actually very cheap if you compare what you get for the money.

2. I moved my the printer, label-printer and the in/out-boxes away from my desk (no pictures from before but I can assure you I could not fit much more than an A4 next to my mouse. I used two reading tables which I had for a few years which I bought for putting the laptop next to me when sitting in the sofa, but since the Ipad entered the home they had not been used-at least not for the laptops (one for my wife as well).

3. Cables before-After

When I received the monitor arm I got started with the cables. I disconnected all the cables and started over. First by mounting the monitor on the arm and worked my way from there.

I collected the cables in “Rabalder” cable collector from IKEA:

I already had this at home, but It was bought and not used for a long time. When cleaning up the storage in the basement i found it, and now it got to use . Quite ironic that organizing material was filling up the storage, instead of being used 🙂

I nailed the loose cables along the wall. Maybe not so nice looking, but I already had the cable clips and I rather do it fast than get stuck. That’s how I work.

4. As a bonus I moved my gym ball from the floor and got use of an old basket ball ring – also found in the basement cleaning!